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Mxyplyzyk’s New Store in Jersey City


20CURR4-articleLargeMxyplyzyk has proved to be a survivor in a less-than-ideal retail climate: the home furnishings shop has occupied the same space in the West Village for nearly a decade. Last week, Kevin Brynan, who owns the store with his partner, Bill Cleary, opened a second one in Jersey City.

Mr. Brynan, who has lived in the neighborhood for 13 years, explained that the area: “has really been gentrified, with a lot of new buildings. I believe people shop where they live, and there wasn’t any place like ours.”

At just 730 square feet, the new store is about half the size of the original one, but with many of the same offerings: furniture, lighting, decorative accessories and toys. And lots of stationery, Mr. Brynan said, because “the only card store in the neighborhood is Duane Reade.” Mxyplyzyk, 308 Grove Street (Wayne Street), Jersey City, (551) 200-6268 or mxyplyzyk.com.


Published: October19,2011

Photpgraphs:Fred R. Conrad/the New York Times


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